25 July, 2013

Ready to receive

Today was Power Vinyasa with Jaime Schmitz.

I was supposed to take yoga at 6:45pm today with Tina. I had planned to do the gentle yoga class that she teaches. I have never tried it, and keep hearing great things about it. The schedule today at my new job actually worked quite well for me staying a little bit late, and then heading over to Be Luminous. I figured that, at that time, getting there would be no problem. Wrong. Allowing myself about 25 minutes, I didn't even make it half way there, because of utterly insane traffic on Westlake, caused by the ridiculous and never-ending construction project in the Mercer area. At first, I was frustrated, because I could have left early enough to make it. And then, I became a little negative, thinking about how I can't deal with this commute, and that I need to move across town, and how am I ever going to make it to yoga class. Of course, I should note, all these thoughts are in the wake of only having had five hours of sleep last night, which is one of my most likely situations for negative thinking.

A little research while sitting in traffic revealed that there was Jamie's class, at Live Love Flow, which I could take at 7:30pm if I didn't make it to Tina's (which I did not even come close to making). In fact, at one point, I wasn't even sure I would make it to Jaime's class, but traffic cleared past a certain point (Mercer) and I made it just fine.

Jaime is the owner of Live Love Flow. The last time I took her class, I was unable to appreciate the positive energy that she brings, because I was in some sort of really dark space. It was a shame, really, since I could tell that she is a special teacher. But my brain was resistant to even the most inspirational words that day. So I had looked forward to the opportunity to take her class again, and the luck of traffic brought me there today. I had a nice chat with her after class, too, so it was totally a case of things going just the way they should go.

I think because I was so tired, I felt pretty emotional today. It was a big week for me, with travel, and new job, and lots of tiny shifts in perspective, and I found myself pretty much letting go and crying through the first fifteen minutes of class. I doubt anyone noticed. But now I am telling you, and the whole world will soon know that Mick Feeble cried in yoga class. Again. Boo hoo.

Jaime really is amazing. Her flows are good, and she mixes good cues of alignment and form with many inspirational words, and a very spiritual tone.

It is true that I need to decide what the optimal commute will be for this new 4 mile trek across town. It seems odd that 4 miles versus 2 miles would require strategizing, but it does, because it goes through the "Belly of the Beast" in the Mercer exchange area. I wonder if the problem will seem much more tenable when I have slept a little bit.

I am glad today's traffic landed me in Jaime's class.

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