28 July, 2013

Old friends

Today was Power Vinyasa with Heidi Suke.

My options today, based on my schedule, were home practice or to see who might be teaching the 2pm community class at Urban Yoga Spa (since they're the only studio I know of that has a mid-afternoon class in Seattle). It turned out, to my good fortune, that UYS had Heidi on the schedule. It's been quite a long time since I have taken her class. I cannot even venture a guess how long. The last one that I documented in this blog was in September of 2012, but I suspect there might have been one during the period where I had stopped writing the blog.

The community class had modest attendance, and it was a moderate intensity class. Heidi did one very long flow, that included a mandala sequence with some unusual transitions, complex enough that I doubt I could recall it here for you if I tried. The tempo felt good and, though it was hot, I never felt like I was not in a good place. On the way into the studio, I saw both Gordy and Kathy. They were very friendly to me, which felt special. I especially appreciated it, because I haven't been there often at all, and it is nice to still feel like a connection even if my life is presently taking me down other paths.

It has been a bumpy road. I think it's a good road, and it's headed in a good direction. But there have been bumps. Seriously. And somehow, I am starting to feel confident that I might be hitting upon a more evenly paved stretch. It's also possible that it's all a matter of how you look at the road.

Okay, enough weak metaphors for one night. I am tired.

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