29 July, 2013

More seems like old times

Today was Hatha with Patrick.

After yesterday's visit to Heidi's class, I was feeling nostalgic for others whom I have not seen in many months. I went back to UYS for Hatha with Patrick. This was, in part, because I really felt that a Hatha class would be better for my low back (which is now in a not-good state) than doing a whole bunch of Sun Salutations.

So many familiar faces in class today, it was truly wonderful. When I had last been attending this class regularly, it was right around the "New Year's Resolution" time window, and the class was absolutely packed with unfamiliar faces. These were people who were likely to only come for a few months until their resolve faded, save for the few for whom yoga became a way of living. So it was a treat to return and find a moderate sized class, with about half a dozen faces that I have always been fond of saying hello to. This clientele is comprised partially of "Patrick Devotees." And there are quite a few of them.

The upside of coming back to UYS: the friendly faces.

The downside of coming back to UYS: it was an absolute inferno in the room.

Fortunately, a Hatha class can bear a lot more heat than a Vinyasa, due to the relative lack of flow, but I truly felt like I was laying on the pavement in the middle of the desert in Arizona. There was a brief break from the heat near the midpoint of class, but then it escalated back up again, seeming to hit a crescendo around the time that we were in Floor Bow. I always forget how close I come to passing out in a hot Hatha class. There seems to be a point, right around Pyramid Pose, where the lightheaded sensation from folding and bending and standing and twisting hits a peak.

Anyway, I don't want to dwell on the same old same old that I have complained to you about a million times. The thing to me that is most interesting is why, now, I have this desire to reconnect with the community. It's not that I am disillusioned with my other yoga choices. It's just that I felt a sudden urge to have some sense of belonging to that community. I guess there's no limit on how many communities one can touch?

I spend a fair amount of time, as you must notice, trying to read the tea leaves of my own actions, in retrospect, trying to decipher if there is some deeper intent than the stated or the obvious. The reason I do this is not because of some type of self-obsession (though I am sure it could appear that way). It's because there almost always is something else happening underneath. It's curious to me that I have gone from extremes of thinking "I don't expect I will ever go there again" to "I really want to reconnect." I have a hard time understanding that part of myself, and it is not completely isolated to the topic of yoga studios. It has happened with friendships: "I am not going to hang out with X anymore" changing to "Maybe I should get together with X again?"

I don't think I have the answers today.

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