27 July, 2013

Inhale... Let... Exhale... Go

Today was Power Vinyasa with J. Politi.

Having endured the dancing on the edge in Scott's class yesterday, it was a day for recovery. This came in the form of the slower, and more deliberate "Basics" class that I often attend on Saturdays. This one turned out to be surprisingly physically laborious, in spite of us moving rather slowly. A theme that J. brought up in class today was the idea of using the phrase "Let Go" as part of a breathing mantra, throughout the class, particularly when things are challenging. To inhale with the word "Let" and exhale the word "Go" can be helpful an manifesting that in our practice. I tried it, and found that it did work well for me, although I did not find myself having a specific need of letting go, it was still a good relaxation tool.

I am continuing the enjoy the breadth of experiences that different instructors bring for me, and I am inclined to broaden even further, rather than to narrow myself. The concluding thought I had in my previous entry following Scott's class really resonates for me still; the idea that the variety of different styles of yoga and different instructors can help me to become more adaptable to shifting environments. I do not know if I am correct. I see the logic behind going deep with one teacher, because it removes a variable (or variables) from the equation. Perhaps I am just not ready to go deep yet? Maybe I am still searching?

Pretty soon, perhaps in the next few weeks, I will join a new studio, at least in the form of obtaining a class pack. Likely one of the Fremont studios, and I am leaning toward The Yoga Tree, though I don't know anything about it yet, other than its location being reasonably convenient for my work. It could be a way for me to take a class during the daytime. Though I don't know if it's really close enough for me to do lunch classes.

We shall see. If it's not close enough for lunchtime, all it really would provide is the opportunity for me to hit a class in Fremont if the traffic is too bad to make it back toward South Lake Union. That's probably still a good enough reason to give it a shot.

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