31 July, 2013

In my own zone

Today was Power Vinyasa with Will Cristobal at Yoga Belly in Mountain View.

Today's class was a little more like a typical Vinyasa class than the "yoga belly" style he taught last time. But it was definitely a Level 2, with a whole section devoted to arm balances. I took that opportunity to do some seated stretches, as I don't want to do anything that has a chance of aggravating my back, which is slowly on the mend. I was able to do the arm balance that comes from Chaturanga with one knee on the triceps. That was the only one I tried because I knew it wouldn't hurt me. The others, I cannot honestly say I was paying attention. I went into my own zone and tuned it out. It was no disrespect intended and also not a desire not to learn. I did glance at some students who were "rocking it" but it was more spectatorship than intent to absorb. This is where I am at. I thought pretty hard about taking the day off and actually had some offers to do dinner with folks down there. But when push came to shove, I chose yoga. I am not sure why that is. My day was a lot of information and meeting many people. Something in me just wanted to rinse it all out. Sometimes I feel like I don't even know what is driving me to keep choosing yoga. It's possibly obsession. It's possibly something else. Who knows.

At least it's a healthy obsession.

The day off will come.

One of the most interesting poses Will has us attempt is starting from table top, we do spinal balance (e.g. right arm forward, left leg back) and then go to a bow pose on hand and knee (hold left foot with left hand). From there, he has us try to push back into a two-legged downward dog, still holding the foot with hand. It's freaking hard and almost no one could do it. He referred to it as a "wtf moment" which I liked.

I bought a 5 class pack, acknowledging I will be there again. Probably soon.

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