19 July, 2013

Giving and receiving

Today was power vinyasa with Elizabeth Thomas.

She started class today with a question, as she always does: "What was the best gift you have ever received?" I had a hard time with this because I have been tough to buy gifts for my whole life. I usually don't make my needs known and, if I have a need, I usually address it myself. So I really had to think. I ended up settling on a small nothing my sister gave me 25 years ago. It was a little wooden cow on a stick stuffed into a little base. It probably only stands 5 inches high. Between the stick and the base she attached a dollar bill. It became known as "Cow and a Dollar Bill" and it always reminded me of my sister. I have taken it with me wherever I have gone. It's survived many moves including across the country. My sister isn't around anymore, even, and the cow still stands. I guess it has taken on more meaning now. There is another story about that cow and the dollar bill but maybe I will save it.

Class hurt my low back from start to finish. It's injured again from the snorkeling. It seems to always do it. I tried to nurse it but almost everything hurts. And I have not been good about ramping up the ibuprofen yet. Not sure why I don't listen to that need.

Hopefully it gets better fast.

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