03 July, 2013

Finding time for what's important

Today was Power Vinyasa with Jaime MacDonald at Universal Power Yoga in Norwood, MA.

Another new studio, but a return visit to a teacher I've had before, at Open Doors. Jaime is part of the trio of yoga family members, along with her husband Bill, and his sister Jacqui, all of with whom I have had the pleasure of taking class. This morning's trek to Norwood, not much of a stone's throw farther than Canton, was for the purpose of taking class with Jaime again, since my schedule wasn't going to align with her teaching days at the other studio, and I had enjoyed her class before.

It was a very small class, in a roomy, bright, clean new studio. I think there were only six of us. The class was only 80-85 degrees, which was a nice change, since I had been trying to figure out how I was going to find a "gentle" yoga class in my schedule here in Boston. It was a very interesting class, with most of the elements one would find in a Baptiste class, but scrambled up a bit into some different flow sequences of moderate length. Definitely there was a "fingerprint" to this teaching style that was different from any of the studios that I attend in Seattle.

Today, I felt nothing but a happy, positive, light feeling, with the gratitude to have this free time in my life to practice. I create this time in my life. It didn't just appear here. We have time for what is most important to us. Somehow we always do. The friction seems to be when there are things we "wish" we were doing, but we are not, and then we assert that we don't have enough time. But it's possible that I am just not being honest with myself about how important these other things are.

I want to be in a band. I want to be writing music. I want to be spending time recording. I want to be reading more. I want to be cleaning up my place and having it perfectly organized. I want to watch all those cool Netflix series that everyone talks about.

All these things I "want" to do, or "wish" I were doing. But I am doing what I am doing. I do yoga. I play Scrabble online (a guilty pleasure that waxes and wanes as a stress relief mechanism). I goof around on Facebook trying to be clever. I write my blog. I spend time with friends. These are the choices I make. I dream about being this spartan, tidy, introverted "creator" of things. But who I am is a social, slightly chaotic, dabbler, who is most driven by connecting and communicating with others. It's who I am.

There's often a gap between who we are and who we think we should be.

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