20 July, 2013

Basics with Vanessa

Today was Yoga Basics with Vanessa Garibaldi.

This class is usually taught by J. Politi. He teaches it with a very light, carefree energy, almost like "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" kind of energy. Vanessa taught with a kind of serious, reserved energy. The class was fundamentally the same "genre," but the vibe was different. After class, someone commented in the locker room that it was "intense." I thought that was interesting, and maybe not exactly the way I'd characterize it, since I chat with Vanessa a bit, and I think I know where she's coming from. What I am hearing in her teaching now is the influence of her teacher, Troy. I have only had his class once, and I know she's been going to him quite regularly. But there's an unmistakable tone and precision that I experienced in that one class, and now I hear his influence in her style as she evolves. So, to me, rather than saying "intense," I would say "specific."

The back was a hair better than yesterday, which was a hair better than the day before. I think the worst of it was Thursday, and that probably means I made a good decision not doing one final morning of snorkeling before getting on the airplane ride home. Part of me felt like "I am going to regret not having had one last time to get in the water to see the fish" or "I should really do it again while I am here, because it's a waste not to go." But another part of me thought "I have seen enough fish. I have snorkeled enough. Going one more time is not going to be the make or break of this trip." I chose yoga that day over snorkeling, really. Interesting, because I chose the activity to which I am most committed, but can do anywhere, anytime, over my favorite "activity" in the world, which can only be done sometimes, in some places. I suppose that says something about me? Probably that I am more obsessed with yoga than snorkeling!

This weekend, my head has been slightly out of the game. I would say my drishti has been suffering. Interestingly, it shows up in places like Tree Pose. That's a pose that I can "rock" on most days, but when my focus is a little off, I am flapping in the breeze like a palm tree in a hurricane. But I understand where it's coming from.

Perhaps winds of change make for shaky trees?

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