26 June, 2013

Where Ha-Tha you been?

Today was Hatha with Diane.

It's been a long, long, long time since I have done a Hatha class. I guess it was technically in El Cerrito, California, but that was a modified sort of Hatha, different from the Bikram-like sequence we do at Urban Yoga Spa. It was nice to see Diane again, and it was amazing to notice how different the audience was in the  room compared to the last time I attended that same class. There's actually a fair amount of turnover at any yoga studio. When you go every day, it might not be noticed, but it becomes more apparent during a drop-in, discovering that all the faces have changed.

The Hatha series felt familiar, even though it had been months since I had last taken Patrick's class. There's such an interesting psychological difference between a Hatha class and a Power Vinyasa class, when it comes to the energy, the mindset, the "expectation" (that we are not supposed to allow ourselves to have). My favorite thing about Hatha is that there are these landmarks in the series that indicate a particular progress point through the class, sort of like on a long hike that you may be grueling at parts, but you know the route, and have memories and associations with the various steps of it. I do enjoy having poses like Eagle and Dancer's Pose occurring early in a class when my balance and focus is fresh, in comparison to Vinyasa, where those poses typically appear at a time where I am pretty much fried.

I was talking with a friend last night about the fact that I often feel like these blog entries are really dull and lacking in insight of any sort as I am composing them, only to go back a week later and realize that I actually had a lot to say. It serves as a reflection for me of what often happens on the mat during a tough day. I recall last week having a day that I felt like I was, to paraphrase, a "fat, wet, slothlike rat" I think. But, I am guessing that my practice was actually pretty good and that this was just what I was telling myself as I was doing it. That's kind of a sad message to be repeating to myself. It makes me feel worse when I say that to myself, much as it makes it harder for me to write when I am telling myself that I have nothing useful to say.

The power of suggestion is most powerful with the suggestions we make to ourselves.

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