03 June, 2013

We live in the eye of the storm

Today was Vinyasa with Bill MacDonald.

It was called Level 1, but I have come to realize that not always does Level 1 means the same thing. In this case, it turned out to be a Gentle class, and I was quite glad for it, because I really needed it. Already, I had delayed yoga until the evening, by design, to buy myself 36 hours of rest instead of the usual 24 hours. The class was not very hot and not very intense, though we still had a few series that got me sweating pretty good, since it really doesn't take much to get me there.

At one point in class, Bill said that we should find a calm like we're in the eye of a storm, and that we can always find that place. As soon as he said it, I thought about it a bit and realized that the metaphor is bigger than even what he said. It occurred to me that, in a way, we are very much like a hurricane, moving through our lives. And if we engage in some type of practice that provides clarity and keeps us centered, we can live mostly in that eye of the storm, wreaking no havoc in the world or on others around us. All is well. But if we lose our center, we drift out into those spiraling winds and, suddenly, everything that we encounter suffers damage, destruction, instability, chaos.

It's really important to maintain your center.

Live in the eye of the storm.

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