06 June, 2013

Trying not to slip up

Today (actually 2 days ago) was Power Vinyasa with Tina Templeman.

I had a little slip up this week where I somehow found myself with three yoga blog entries to write because I fell behind. From past experience, I think that could be an indicator of something, and I will pay close attention to it.

Tina's daughter was in class today. I wouldn't have known, but I heard Tina introducing her before class to someone at the front desk. Her daughter was like a little carbon copy of Tina, and it make me happy to think about Tina teaching a class with her daughter there. I don't know why that makes me happy. It just does.

In spite of Tina having had very little sleep, which she shared with us before class, she still brought the fire like you know she always will. I pointed out to her after class that her "low energy" is like most people's "high energy." 

What can I say about this one? I worked my ass off, and I felt great afterward. But I've been working hard a lot lately, and need to find a little more ease in my practice somehow. As long as I am "in town" there will be the opportunity for two gentle classes a week, which is good. I could up that to three gentle classes a week if I were willing to stick around a little later and do Tina's later class on Thursdays. That might be something to consider, because my shoulders and hips and hamstrings and abs and quads and heels are tired. So tired.

Today I saw an unexpected familiar face at the studio. A guy that I only knew vaguely from a different yoga studio, and with whom I had only spoken few words. Actually, it's a guy about whom I know more than I should, and hold an opinion or two. He was very friendly in a way that I had not previously seen from him. He even offered compliments to me before we started. When the practice started, I found that I couldn't get a spot on my mat that "worked" regarding positioning with respect to him and the woman on my other side. All the training from Elizabeth has really locked me into the rule about starting and ending at the very front of the mat. Neither this guy nor the woman next to me were aware of this "rule" and, as a result, they were all over the place. He was in the front, middle, back. I never knew. I kept trying to adjust my position to compensate, but it was tricky, because she on the other side was always returning to dead center on her mat. Of course, I also learned from Elizabeth that the Ashtanga Sun Salutations involve a wide circling of the arms. Baptiste replaced that with the arms going straight up in front of us, for that very reason of limited space to practice. But I don't like to let go of the freedom of the wide circle, so I try my hardest to position the mat and myself to accommodate this form. And some days it just doesn't work. It's an interesting metaphor for life, because there will be times where people don't know "the rules" or maybe they operate to a different set of rules. And we can spend our time struggling, in our idealism of "how things should be" and try to cling to it, and blame everyone else. Or we can adapt. And there are different ways to adapt. One way is to respond to what is happening around me, to maintain harmony (that is what I tried to do, and it can be difficult). The other way, which I resisted doing, is to "do as the Romans do."

It might behoove me to try that the next time I find myself in Rome.

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