25 June, 2013

Just like a hamstring

Today was Gentle Yoga with Elizabeth McElveen.

We did a lot of things really slowly today. I don't think we even did Sun B, which is atypical. We usually do Sun B. We usually do Sun A, then Sun B, then whatever else comes to mind. But today, we did Sun A. Then we went straight to a very slow, very deep exploration in Half Moon. How slow can you go into Half Moon? And how little can you use your arms to support yourself? These are good questions. When we move slowly, we understand every aspect of how we fall out of balance, as well as every aspect of what maintains that balance. It's an intriguing experience, and it uses the muscles more fully, as it does the consciousness as well. I can feel it in my ass today. Half Moon is an ass pose.

There's a place in my right hip that often aches. It's a place deep in the joint that feels a little arthritic, and a little stuck, and a little bit like I should be paranoid that I'll be having a hip replacement in twenty years. It's a place in hip that screams out for Supta Badakonasana. It's a place that really loves Tree pose when my body cooperates. And when I stand on that leg and go into Half Moon pose, it's a place that is profoundly released as I rotate my top hip upward and out.

After we went into Half Moon as slowly as we could, we were to come out of Half Moon equally slowly. That's not easy either.

We did some or other poses after that. I think we did Pyramid. Then we found ourselves on the floor for a few poses, one of which was the Splits. As I have mentioned before, this is not a pose that I can go very deep at all. Not even deep enough to sit on a block. The best I can do is get a block under my calf muscle to provide a little bit of stability. The hamstrings are really that tight. And it got me thinking that the hamstrings are sort of a good example of the things that I want to change in my life that are not easy or fast to change. I can't rush them. There's no quick fix. Sometimes they feel like they're getting tighter even though I am working on them all the time. It's easy to get frustrated with the seeming lack of progress.

Okay, that's all.

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