18 June, 2013

June 18th

Today was Gentle Yoga with Elizabeth McElveen.

Sometimes I have clever titles for my posts, and sometimes I sit there for ten minutes trying to think of one. Today, I would rather just give it a date and call it good.

It's a period of transition now. I'm between the pages of life. Yes, it's true that we are always here and now, but some heres and nows are a little less of either than others. Standing in the jungle and confronting a wild boar would be an example of "very here and now" whereas sleeping would be an example of less so.

Perhaps I could find a little more pleasure in presence. It's a pattern for me, during these intermissions, to slide off the face of the earth. Maybe it's a good time to get extra-connected? There's so much right now that I am buffering from though. I feel like I need to walk a careful line to stick to all of my intentions, and my most recent way of accomplishing that has been to disconnect, which is ironic.

In Elizabeth's classes lately there's been a very slow and deliberate, grounded energy. Super-grounded. Like slow things down to the molecular level kind of grounded. That's been a good thing for me.

I'm hemming and hawing against making time for doing this writing again. It's not that I don't want to do it, but that I am not making time for it. The days are passing. That means something. Everything means something. We do what we intend to do. So if I am not doing it, I have not set the intention. And why do I not want to look? Normally, the reluctance to write in here is an unwillingness to look at something. What am I hiding from?

Time to start looking...

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