16 June, 2013

June 16th

Today was Gentle Yoga with Elizabeth McElveen.

It's been nice having the luxury of coming to her classes twice a week. In fact, I would love to take her classes seven times a week, but the yoga gods don't allow for that in my schedule and budget, and it also does make sense to have a little variety. At least, for me, that works. Pretty soon, my schedule will be different than it is now, and I won't be able to go to the Tuesday afternoon classes. In fact, life might make it so that I'm doing a lot of yoga in other cities, or in hotel rooms, or who knows where. I don't know what life will deal. But I do know that I will take it as it comes, and there will be a way for it to happen. It will remain a priority in my life. It's just that this little window of leisurely luxury of doing whatever I want wherever and whenever I want is coming to a close. And I chose this for myself, because sometimes we need to move the dirt around and create room for new things, and often that involves making things uncomfortable for a little while.

Yoga has helped me to learn that the bad shall pass, and the good shall pass. All shall pass. There's no point in trying to cling to anything and proclaim "This I cannot do without!" or "This I must have!" because we have shockingly little control over these things, in the grand scheme. We can create the illusion of control, and suffer as we attempt to force life into being the way we need it to be. But there's a lot I'd miss out on if I set my primary intention to be "preservation."

Let go, gracefully, of the things that were not meant for me.

Some things are meant for us. But only for a while. Then, we need to shift.

I don't know what is next. I know what it's called and where it is. But I don't know what it will feel like. But I have a pretty good idea that if I am always paying attention to what's going on inside of me, I will always feel like me no matter where I go.

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