20 June, 2013

Gentle Thursdays... and extra ossicles

Today was Gentle Yoga with Lara Herbst.

I've been saying for a while now that I should be doing more gentle classes. Tuesday and Sunday have been the standards. As I mentioned, I may need to give up the Tuesday soon, as my schedule may not permit it, at least until I figure out how to fold it back into the picture of working in Fremont instead of the "Denny Triangle" as it's called. This was a good week to give it a shot, because I am nursing what seems to be an ankle injury that is becoming increasingly limiting. Also, Lara doesn't teach at Be Luminous very often, and I wanted to take her class when I had the chance.

We did some breathing exercises. The alternating nostril stuff. That can be tricky when one is having allergies, and one side of the nose is partly obstructed. But I did the best I could. I am interested to understand, from a neuroscience perspective, what changes occur in the brain during these breathing practices. Perhaps I should become a neuroscientist...

Class was good, and we did a reasonable length of flow, with lots of moon poses, before we moved to stretching. At the end of class, though, I felt myself still wanting more. I suppose there was nothing keeping me from sticking around and doing more, and I did add one more pose before Savasana, as I felt an uncontrollable urge for seated Tree. But it just felt like a day where a lot of Yin might have been called for.

So, about this heel thing. I have been feeling this grinding not good pain in my right heel, deep in the joint. It literally feels like it's between the two bones (the talus and the calcaneus, I learned). The worst poses are Triangle (with right foot forward) or Warrior II, Triangle (with right food backward), or Wide Leg Forward Fold. The entire process that we're encouraged to do with grounding the outer edge of our back foot seems to be what caused this to begin hurting initially, and now it's bad news. Walking sometimes hurts. I had an X-Ray done, and they told me "your Xrays are back and show an extra ossicle lateral area of the ankle. This can occur when a small portion of bone breaks off with a tendon during a sprain." Fantastic! Well, I have had so many sprains of that ankle, it seems quite plausible that's the case. 

The new moral of my story is that I cannot mindlessly follow the instructions of a teacher, and push harder regardless of discomfort. That's what I did for a while in poses, and that's what exacerbated this situation. Now I need to back way off.

It certainly keeps things interesting.

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