01 June, 2013

Flowing beyond thought

Today was Vinyasa with Bill MacDonald at Open Doors.

It's great to come to town and see friends and family. And it's great to come to town and see Bill. He has become "yoga for me back home," not just because he's here and I'm here, but because he embodies the East Coast in the good ways that I remember. I feel like I am really back here again, not just visiting, as if I were teleported into another universe where I never left town. And it's kind of cool.

Today, he started off class by asking us to imagine we were watching a musician playing guitar on a stage, and really "shredding" on their instrument. And he noted that this guitar player isn't thinking about what note they're going to play next. They're just completely in the flow, and doing it, because there's no time to think about it. And he talked about how we can strive toward that in our yoga practice as well, and in our lives in a broader sense. This was interesting to me that the topic of "flow" came up again in a class after Elizabeth had just mentioned the very same topic a couple of times, 3000 miles away, over the last couple of weeks. The universe is synergizing around this concept right now, it would seem.

Class today was completely unheated, thanks to Boston providing us with its own built-in 85 degrees and 80% humidity, obviating the need for any artificial heat sources.

As always, Bill's class was interesting, and we did a mostly conventional sequence, with a few dandy items added in for good measure. The most interesting was a transition that took us from Twisted Crescent Lunge, to Warrior II, to Triangle, back to Warrior II, back to Twisted Crescent Lunge, step the back foot forward, staying in the twist so that you're in Twisted Chair, and then (here's the fun part), lift your leg on the side to which you were twisted, until you're standing, still with the twist, and then open into the standing twist with hand on the outside of the knee. Very cool. It made me smile, because it was unexpected and new.

I felt pretty good today.

Tomorrow will be my first time taking class at "The Mother Ship" that is Cambridge Baptiste Yoga, meeting up with my friend and teacher, Sue Jones. I am looking forward to it.

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