07 June, 2013

Early Fridays

Today was Power Vinyasa with Elizabeth Thomas.

I like the early Friday yoga. I am not sure if I will always be able to do it, and may need to make other plans if I want to keep taking classes with Elizabeth as my life and my schedule evolve. Right now I have a luxury. And, as we know, nothing lasts forever. The bad times shall pass. And the good times shall pass. That is the only thing that is certain. Change.

A lot may change soon. 

I sometimes wonder why I am inclined to keep changing my life. In some ways I seek stability and peace, but for some reason I am driven toward change and novelty. When I am stationary, I want to be moving forward. When I am in motion, I look forward eagerly to the return back to peace. Is that a lack of contentment with where I am at, regardless? Or is it just a desire to have both? I don't know.

One of the things I like about the yoga classes is that we always know that there will be a time to move and then a time to bring it back down and recover. They often refer to that recovery period as the opportunity for the work that we just did to really be absorbed into our being. 

Today, as always, was a tough Elizabeth class. She rarely leaves us feeling like we didn't get enough of a workout. For some reason, I never find myself saying "no" in her class, whereas I might say no to the same exact poses in some other class. I have some suspicions about that. Could it be that I am a sucker for a pretty face? But I still try to listen to my body. It's not a case of ego leading me to want to show off. I guess it's just that I show up in her class (and, of course, plenty of other classes) with my mind in a state of "yes," which translates to my being much more willing to push past the internal resistance to staying in the discomfort. 

It scares me a bit that changes in my schedule or my life might one day make these 4pm classes with the Elizabeths impossible, or infrequent. I take for granted, and even turn my schedule upside down to ensure that these are constants. Perhaps I can continue to carve out these boundaries in my world to have things that are important to me available. But I may need to find different ways of having the experience. Fortunately, The White Studio and Misa Yoga provide opportunities for me to continue to take classes with both of these teachers. 

Much as I have found a way to make yoga itself happen regardless of time or place, I will make similar adjustments to find a way to stay connected with the people who inspire me.

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