04 June, 2013

Be the tipping point

Today was Power Vinyasa with Jacqui Bonwell at H.Y.P. in Needham, Massachusetts. We had the extra-special bonus of Erica Magro, singing and playing acoustic guitar beautifully during the class. Her playing was so smooth and melodic, sitting peacefully in the front corner of the room. And her voice was like a better version of Shawn Colvin (yes, better). I told her after class that she played the only version of Led Zeppelin's "Going to California" that I have ever liked.

I'd heard good things about Jacqui from a few people. From my cousin, who is tight with the yoga community in the Boston area, and from Bill MacDonald. What I didn't realize, until I introduced myself after class today, was that Jacqui is Bill's sister! Very cool, that is. An entire family of yogis. Bill, Jacqui, and Bill's wife, Jaime. And all of them are fantastic and inspiring teachers.

Today was a hot, tightly packed room, in this small studio. It was bright and airy, but humid. We were mat to mat, and I had a big guy with dirty feet about 8 inches from my face. But his feet didn't smell, and I adjusted my position on the mat to make it work. Jacqui talked a lot about energy. She's a practitioner of Reiki, so she spoke about low-frequency vibrations and high-frequency vibrations. I don't know about all that, since it's into the Land of Woo-Woo that runs intuitively at odds with my neutrotransmitter/neuron-based model of how things work. But I understand the concept, philosophically, of there being types of energy that will bring us down, and types of energy that will elevate us, and that they come through patterns of thought, movement, action, choice that we can engage. She spoke about taking the energy that we generate in our practice, and bring it out into the world with us. She said that it is "almost irresponsible" not to do so. I liked that idea. Our betterment through yoga is not just about ourselves, but about energy we can create to make the world a better place.

Near the end of the class, she pointed out that we never know when we might turn out to be the "tipping point" in someone else's life. I have started to have a taste of that. As my practice has changed me, others have started to notice it, and they take an interest in it. I don't think of it like yoga is some sort of "Landmark" scheme where we just try to get other people to sign up and pay. But it's about inspiring others to see the opportunity in what's positive. That has actually been a theme in the classes I have taken over the last few days. Bill spoke of it too. The idea that there is so much positive, compared to the relatively few limitations or negative in our lives. That yoga can help us to focus on that positive.

But I don't really need to tell you this, since you're already there. But, as Jacqui suggested, go on out there and inspire others to find that same place of positivity. It would be irresponsible or, at the very least, a wicked shame, to do anything less!

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