13 May, 2013

You are ready now, Maren

Today was Power Vinyasa with Maren Rhodin.

I'd planned on taking a late class this evening, partly because of my work schedule, but also to visit Vanessa, whose class I have missed for months. The yoga gods shuffled that deck, and it sounded like the option was going to be Gaylinet, since there had been a schedule change. No problem. That would be exciting, because she is another of the many Seattle yoga teachers from whom I have not yet taken a class.

So, I arrived at Be Luminous to a very crowded room. There was chatter in the room about how we might need to do a self-practice, which I assumed meant that people didn't know they'd found a substitute for Vanessa. But I didn't realize, because I had no idea who Gaylinet is, that they actually needed a substitute for her as well! And they didn't have one. At a few minutes past the start time of the class, Maren walked into the room and announced that she'd be teaching the class. I knew that she had just finished teacher training, and it turns out this was her first class ever, made all the more exciting for her by the fact that she had no idea she'd be teaching it until that very moment.

Well, I suppose coming from the mindset of "You are ready now!" this would be perfect opportunity to jump right in and live that mantra. And that's what Maren did.

The class was fun, and everyone had a spirit of support for her, as well as gratitude for someone being there to step in and teach. The class was not too easy, not too hard. Though Maren's new, and she must have been nervous teaching without even a chance to think about what she was going to say, she still had a message and a "stage presence" (if I can use that expression) that was much more than just calling out the poses.

So that was exciting. But now I still want to get back and take Vanessa's class. And I still want to seek out and try Gaylinet's class as well.

So much yoga to do, and only seven days in a week.

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  1. So touched, thank you for sharing your practice and your words!