08 May, 2013

What is my satya?

Today was Power Vinyasa with Alice Harper.

The Wednesday class at Live Love Flow is becoming a regular thing. Alice's class challenges me every time, never really letting up until the very end. The flow sequences are long, intricate, intense. But they are also methodical, interesting, and grounding. Today I was tired from yesterday's 90 minute class, combined with having done a fair bit of walking to and/or from work lately. I think that walking, uphill, home from work, immediately before class probably played a significant role in my quadriceps being on fire.

Alice spoke just a little bit about the 8 limbs at the beginning of class today. She mentioned "Satya" which is absolute or inner truth. And she suggested we try to find what is true inside of us during our practice. When I let those thoughts start percolating in my mind, it's easy to get some really strong emotions, as well as an overwhelming sense of "I don't know what's true for me!" But sometimes it's not so complicated as being a massive mind-boggling inner truth. Sometimes it's a simple truth... "Today, my body is sore. I will respect that." That's about the extent of what I could find for truths.

There is rarely any type of traditional "Sun B" in Alice's class. After initial "Sun A" it is usually right into some long flows, which become longer, eventually become "mandala" flows (first facing front, then facing back, going in a full circle). Crescent Lunge was liberally applied to the point of complete destruction, at least for me. I was forced to humbly take a knee later in the class.

When we neared the end of class, I found myself wanting to spend an extended time in Supta Badakonasa, bypassing several of the other stretches that were occurring. 

I guess I've been working hard lately. My weight is probably at a low for the year, which surprised me, because I didn't feel like I had been losing weight. But there have been a few long, hot classes in a row, so I am probably just seeing dehydration factoring into it.

I am motivated to do yoga right now. I don't want to take days off. I don't want to get injured either, and I will rest when I need to rest, as the saying goes. But I feel like I really need to keep showing up on the mat, like a ritual.

Perhaps that is my truth right now?

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