02 May, 2013

There's no "I" in Ibuprofen... oh, wait...

Today was Power Vinyasa with Lara Herbst.

As I mentioned, I have been hurting for days, and getting back into that mode of wondering when it would stop. I was also aware that the pain could magically disappear at any time, without warning, since that seems to be what happens. And, lucky for me, that's what happened today. But the likely factor underlying this was the four ibuprofen that I took a few hours before the class. It's probably not great to be on an IV drip of Vitamin I, but sometimes it's the needed solution to whatever lingering problem I'm facing. I don't think my pains are typically "injuries" in the classic sense. It seems to be more a case of inflammation that responds very well to treatment.

Aside from having a great class, I still feel like I am floating in space. In flux. This happens to me. Not sure if it's cyclical, or if it's seasonal, or if there are other factors that cause it. I have no difficulty showing up on the mat and getting to "here and now," but I am having a much harder time being enthusiastic about the here and now off the mat.

I recognize that much of the flux I am perceiving is actually being generated from within. And the place where my questions lie pertains to whether this is good flux, bad flux, avoidable flux, or necessary flux.

This feels like a very tangential way of talking, and I apologize to anyone who is reading it. Perhaps you can relate, or perhaps I am babbling about nothing.

Tonight, after class, I raced to the other end of the town to see an art show by Elizabeth McElveen. She is showing photography from Verona, where she was raised. This was at Zeitgeist Coffee, which is one of the many good shops in Seattle. It was nice to have an opportunity to interact with Elizabeth and the community of people who love and support her, in a non-yoga setting. I had a chance to speak with some of the people with whom I have been practicing these past few months.

I had the good fortune to visit Verona, if only for a couple of days, on a trip to Italy a few years ago. I liked imagining that these photos came from this place that I visited. And I liked imagining that this place is where my teacher spent a large part of her childhood. If I visit Verona again, it will be with this richer context attached to my experience.

That's all I have to say right now.

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