11 May, 2013

Neither "Basic" nor "Gentle" mean "Easy"

Today was Yoga Basics (a.k.a. Power Vinyasa) with J. Politi.

As the title of this entry alludes, Yoga Basics is not "the easy class." It's nearly a full series of the poses one would do in a Baptiste Power Yoga class, with the main exception being that there are fewer repetitions of the Sun Salutations, there's sometimes an exclusion of a few poses, such as Half Moon or Standing Splits, and the tempo of the class is slower. But the flip side of a slowed tempo is that the holds in each pose are longer. While slowing down means there are not as many Chatturangas and, thus, not as much intensity in the upper body work, there is often more intensity in the lower body work because of staying in poses and really finding depth.

The thing I like about these slower flows is that it not only gives my shoulders a much needed rest, but it also gives me time to make adjustments to aspects of my form and practice that cannot be as easily addressed in the standard Power sequence, because everything happens so transiently.

Not a lot to say today. Not much is hurting right now. Even the pesky groin pull has been behaving. Best not to gloat about that too much, though.

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