24 May, 2013

Journey Into Power never sounded so good

Today was Power Vinyasa with Tina Whiteside.

After yesterday's venture into the land of discomfort, it was a huge relief, during the opening moments of today's class, where it became evident that Tina would be doing the Baptiste series. Somehow I knew it from the cadence of the first words out of her mouth... "Alright, everyone, come into Child's Pose..." Just the way she said it... I knew that she would next say "Begin to come into your breath... Let go of your day..." And she did. And the rest went exactly as expected. For some reason, I felt a huge wave of emotion when she started because I needed that comfort today. That feeling that no matter where I go, I can be safe, comfortable, find familiarity, and be in sync with something that I have learned well.

Turns out, Tina is from Seattle. She taught and trained at Shakti under Lisa Black. She's done Baptiste "boot camps." In short, she's at least loosely part of the same circles that I move in.

The class came with excellent hands-on adjustments and a very steady pace that happened to be well matched to the rhythm of my breath.

I would say that sometimes the universe gives you what you need. But it would probably be more accurate to say that most of the time the universe gives you exactly what you need.

And sometimes you like it.

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