07 May, 2013

I forgot how good it was

Today was Power Vinyasa with Carley Ewert.

It has been a long time since I took Carley's class. She's been a go-to class for me for quite some time, and then the schedule change resulted in her only class of the week occurring right after Elizabeth's Gentle Yoga class, which is always a much needed "non-Power" class during the week for me. I can't do 7 days of power yoga, because I am not 22 years old. So, I've had to forego the Carley classes for months.

And today, schedule constraints on my part, would open up the opportunity for me to revisit. And it was really nice to be back. I had forgotten how perfect her words are. Few, but powerful. Quiet, yet commanding. She has a way of using words to alleviate the tedium that can occur when we start to spin off into our heads, by calling out enough subtleties to which we can devote attention, that we're never left feeling that a pose is not, at worst, "interesting."

A 90 minute class, as always, is tough for me. And it took a toll on my body. Even with a day of rest before, I am still feeling the effects.

Today was one of those classes where I kept thinking "Damn it. We still have Triangle and Pyramid." I was expecting that there would be yet another Downward Dog. And yet another Warrior series, to get us to those damn triangle and pyramid. But, much to my surprise, there was no triangle. And there was no pyramid. It's weird that I dread it, since Triangle is one of my favorite poses. Why would I hope we don't do a pose I actually like? Who knows. And Pyramid, I always dread. I never want to do it in class. But if I am not in a yoga class, for instance, standing in a hallway at work, the only thing I want to do is Pyramid! I am doing Pyramid all day long when I'm not on the mat. But on the mat... dread.

There's probably a lesson there.

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