17 May, 2013

Here come the wheels

Today was Power Vinyasa with Liz Doyle.

It was nice to take a class with Liz since I don't have the opportunity very often. She adhered to a more traditional Baptiste sequence than her standard class because she was substituting for a Level 1 class. The energy was mellow, and the "Oms" where probably among the most harmonious I have ever heard.

Well, after all my talk about letting myself off the hook, it was clear to me as class wore on that I would eventually be confronted with a series of Wheel poses that I would not want to do. About halfway through class was when it popped into my mind. It wasn't a distraction and it wasn't all-encompassing. But I certainly made note that today I would be doing all the wheels.

And when it came, I did them. I can't even remember if we did two or three but I was up every time. I can't say that I feel "proud" of myself or that I am a trooper for following through. But I guess not every act of self-discipline pays immediate dividends. To most people that would be obvious. And I guess it is to me too when it comes to the big pictures, such as doing yoga at all, or eating well, etc. For smaller acts, like giving it all on a single pose that I don't like... Well, I guess there's a reason teachers always say that we all have a "no" pose and that's probably the one we need the most.

I am just trying to understand why I need Wheel? What does it mean?!

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