25 May, 2013

Exactly where I am supposed to be...

Today was 90 minute Vinyasa with Laura Burkhart at Yoga Tree in San Francisco.

Some people want to know where is the nearest transit or bar or ice cream whenever they visit a new place. For me, it's the scoping of the yoga studio options. So I was happy to learn that Yoga Tree was located only 3 blocks from my friends' place in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco. I was a little concerned about a "90 minute Level 2/3" class but it turned out to be nearly identical in difficulty to classes taught by Michel or Carley at Be Luminous. A few optional arm balances. The advanced poses were offered as fuller expressions as opposed to the "easier" poses being modifications.

The studio consist of one giant funky high ceiling room with cool looking wooden floors and a retro kind of dance studio feel to it. As I arrived the class before me was letting out and it was packed! Probably 80 people. But this class was much more open with maybe 40 attendees of all different levels. I was probably about the middle in terms of experience.

Laura taught a challenging but very well paced class that mixed stretching poses in with the more intense flows sequences. I guess the studio has a strong Anna Forest connection from what I saw on their website.

At the end of class, the instructor mentioned a couple of yoga retreats coming up. The first one she mentioned was in South Africa and it is in December. Then she mentioned a retreat in July in Peru, involving trip to Machu Picchu among other things. And the first thought in my mind was "I am going to do this." So now it seems I am working out the logistics of getting signed up because I have been thinking about what will be the next big experience in my life. The next big trip.

And just like that. Here it is. All because there happened to be a yoga class right around the corner.

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