01 May, 2013

Everybody hurts... sometimes

Today was Vinyasa with Alice Harper at Live Love Flow.

I must have awakened some unpleasantness in my low back, because the discomfort was in full bloom in tonight's class. It's not the kind of back pain that causes one to jump or screech, like when you've got a nerve being tweaked right where it comes out of the spinal column. This is more of a diffuse pain that shows up as a dull broad ache across a larger area. It makes any sort of Sun Salutation not fun. It would be useful to understand what makes these pains come and go. I know that sleep is a factor in some cases, but I have not been sleep deprived the last couple of days. I know that doing twists is a factor, but I have avoided those since last week. There are clearly additional factors I have not identified.

But enough about me.

Alice's class is becoming a regular stop on my weekly calendar. Speaking in terms of yoga phylogenetic trees, I would say that her style of teaching is much closer to the Liz Doyle and Ginger Saunders style than to any of the other teachers whom I know in Seattle. The flows are rarely Baptistian, and they often involve a long sequence of poses on one side, before switching sides. In these classes, I often find that my towel gets all scrunched up at both ends of the mat, because I can't figure out how to do the transitions with enough grace and strategy to avoid dragging my feet all over the place.

I didn't want to do yoga tonight at all, actually. But I couldn't come up with a good reason not to, other than not wanting to. Some would say that should be a good enough reason. I'd already taken Monday off, so it seemed like there should be no reason not to take class on Wednesday. And I knew I'd be glad I did it, as soon as class was over. And I guess I was.

Going to Live Love Flow, I feel like I am visiting another city, even though it is around the corner from my house. I don't know anyone. The environment feels unfamiliar. The teachers don't really know me since I go there so rarely. It seems to be a studio catering primarily to Seattle University students, so I am also one of the oldest people in any of the classes. But it's convenient.

I don't really have any words of inspiration today. I am feeling lethargic, and mentally/emotionally heavy.

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