18 May, 2013

Day of leisure

Today was Power Vinyasa with Sean.

Another "long-time-no-see" class. It had been at least 3 months, perhaps longer, since I took class with Sean. Again it's the schedule patterns being unfavorable. But today it worked out, and he kicked my ass. There's plenty of humor and levity in the class but not a lot of down time. The thing I love about Sean's class is that in spite of being very intense, the flow is very much at the pace of my breath and he places a lot of emphasis on not rushing things.

Today was a day of mainly leisure and self care. I walked to Cafe Presse for breakfast and did some work that needed to be done to keep ahead of the curve. I walked down Broadway and had a massage with Phil, who was excellent and I recommend him. And then wandered back through Cal Anderson park and got a slice of pizza at Mario's before walking home and heading to yoga.

Laundry, including sheets that were horrifyingly overdue, and whites that had been waiting for a full white load for months.

And other than yoga class, my day to this point has been in solitude. I used to not like that. Over the last few years I have started to enjoy it more. Perhaps in the near future I will no longer have any need for human interaction as I achieve complete self-actualization.

Yeah. That's gonna happen.

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