09 May, 2013

Change in perspective

Today was Power Vinyasa with Tina Templeman.

This is another class that I have been regularly visiting on the calendar the last month or so, though it was substituted for a couple of weeks. In truth, I would probably be better served by staying later and doing Tina's gentle yoga class that comes right after this one, because it would move me into a more sensible hard/easy/hard/easy schedule. But, as things go, I tend not to want to be getting out of a yoga class at 8pm on a Thursday night, so I suck it up and do the power class.

Today's class was super-intense. Tina was clearly inspired by something out of the ordinary, because our sequences were far deviating from the standard Baptiste flow, and we even did a mandala. My change in perspective came from being in the back row of class. I took advantage of the wall directly behind me, and used that wall to really raise my leg high during three-legged downward dog poses. This had two benefits. First, my butt is so fatigued and sore from all the yoga I've been doing, I really don't feel like my body is dying for that intensity. But also, by climbing that top leg up the wall, it is possible for me to get two really good stretches - bottom hamstring and top hip flexor - that I am not yet strong and/or flexible enough to see fully in a free-standing version of the pose. So it was good, and I took advantage of that throughout the class.

I felt reasonably strong, even though, at a broader level, I feel completely wiped out. I realize that's a contradiction, but that's what is happening.

It's funny. When I first took Tina's class, her ebullient demeanor was almost too much for me to handle. I think it's something about having someone calling out a series of poses that is destroying me, with a gleeful cheer in their voice. I tend to go more for the pensive teachers. But I have now come to appreciate this never-faltering positivity.

I don't have a lot of clarity right now.

In fact, the issue is profound enough that I am not even clear on whether I am lacking clarity.

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