20 May, 2013

Again with the wheels... seriously

Today was Power Vinyasa with Michel.

I was worried about this class a little bit because my body ached before class even started. Tired muscles. Dreading 3-Legged Downward Dog because my ass muscles were still fried from previous days of it. My Achilles' still hurting from its usual random reasons. So, I showed up with the questions in my head about what my body would, or would not be able to do. But, sure enough, once I *actually* showed up on the mat, I found that I was able to do most everything that came my way. Toward the end of class, I opted out of a few of the optional Chaturangas that string together the final series of poses, because I felt like I was probably compromising my form a little bit.

Then, it came time for back bending, and I immediately said to myself "I am not doing Wheel today." Not sure why I immediately say that, but I sure do it a lot. Michel called out an initial Bridge pose, which I took as a supported Bridge. Then she called for five Wheel poses. And, somewhere between "I am not doing Wheel today" and supported Bridge, something clicked in my head, and said "Just do the goddamn Wheels and see if they actually hurt." And they didn't. I did five Wheels. I didn't hold them for quite as long as others, though Michel did offer me a hella-assist that nearly lifted my hands right off the floor on the final Wheel. But I did them all.

Why is this pose the one that I say "no" to? And it's not subtle. It's very clear. Wheel? Nope. Not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent (only funny if you say it in the Dana Carvey impersonation of George Bush Sr. voice). There's something going on there, and I don't know what it is.

Otherwise, it was a fairly emotional day on the mat. Not sure why, but several of the things Michel said really made me feel like I was going to completely start crying. I wish I could remember what they were.

But themomentisgone...

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