25 April, 2013

Thankful for the easy ones

Today was Power Vinyasa with Lara Herbst.

New teacher for me. As I have said before, it's always great to take the classes with teachers whom I haven't had before. It's like being on vacation! She was substituting for Tina. This class is a Level 1 class, but Tina usually does a reasonable ass kicking, in spite of the nominal level of the class. Much to my satisfaction, Lara did a mellow class. I really needed it, because I decided to push through consecutive days again from Sunday through today, since I wasn't sure if I would be practicing on the weekend with the travel plans.

Normally, I am front and center in the studio. But today, upon arrival, I ran into a yoga friend who is about to get married next weekend. She is a back-row person, and I decided to take the different perspective to have an opportunity to practice side-by-side. The energy in the class was low and quiet. Though it's a Thursday, for me it had a Friday feeling, given that it sort of is my Friday this week.

In the past day or so, I have been slowly "coming down" (or "coming up" as the case may be) from that place of feeling like nothing in my life is as it should be. Strange as it may sound, even just my decision to get back in here and start doing this again has made a palpable shift in my perspective. It's like my mind is a bucking bronco that wants to tear shit down, but as soon as I hold myself to "observing" it, the craziness tapers immediately. I suppose that I might have the causality backwards. Perhaps the fact that I decided to get back to basics was an indicator that I was going to take responsibility for the way I have been feeling, instead of just flapping in the breeze.

Lara's class was sort of a modified Baptistesque flow, that never quite went exactly the way one would expect. I found myself, as did others, many times anticipating the next obvious move, perhaps a forward fold, only to find out that we were just dropping our arms to our sides in Tadasana. There were a number of occasions like this. We did some modified Moon Salutations. We didn't do any Eagles or Side Planks, or Flipped Dogs. But we did Tree as our first standing balance pose. We didn't do any Warrior II until late in the class, at the point where one would have expected that it was just going to be a lead-in to Triangle. But then we didn't do Triangle. But we did do Pyramid. It was like that. Even though there were lots of surprises, the class didn't feel too disjointed, because everything was peaceful and calm. And, above all, it was sort of what I needed today.

During Savasana, I started thinking about bombs exploding, and peoples limbs being disintegrated again. I have spent a lot of time daydreaming/daynightmaring about what it must have been like for them. I know that's not exactly ideal Savasana thought. But it's what was happening.

I never spoke about it, but I attended a Baron Baptiste workshop in Vancouver a few weeks ago. Perhaps there will be a separate entry about that. I didn't think it had that much of an impact on me, but in hindsight, I think it contributed significantly to my being thrown completely out of balance, as paradoxical as that may sound. I'll explain later.

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