24 April, 2013

Something to be grateful for

Today was Power Vinyasa with Tina Templeman.

An hour at lunchtime is better than 90 minutes later. That's been my theme lately. I have been steering away from the longer classes because I am favoring frequent yoga over intense yoga. It's not clear if an hour class is actually easier.

Today was tough. My head was so tired. But for some reason my body was not. In fact, the past two days I have been taking some intensifications that I don't normally take. Yesterday I was jumping back in Chaturanga - something I have not done for over a year - not sure why it happened. When I step back I find I always want to step back with the same foot. It always seems that must be an asymmetrical way to practice. But stepping back with my left left feels unnatural. So I decided to jump back and see how it felt. It was okay. But I think I was landing in high plank. Not low plank. Then, today, I did three wheels, which is not the normal for me. And for the first time, I tried the arm balance that follows knee to elbow. I honestly don't know where the physical energy came from since all I wanted to do was sleep.

Sleep has been appealing lately.

So. Gratitude. About what? Well, for the last week, every time we have done seated poses, stretching, where we hold our legs and stretch, I have had a poignant thought: I am thankful that I have these legs to hold. I get caught up so often in what's wrong with my body. And in not loving it. And not even accepting it. But I have this body. Intact. And I have legs to hold and skin to touch and muscles to stretch. I think about the victims of the bombing in Boston and note that they never got the chance, in all likelihood, to simply appreciate having legs before terrible trauma took them away or severely injured them.

Every day we have this opportunity to recognize and be grateful for what we do have, rather than lament what we don't have. And we could always have more or less than we have. But we only have what we have.

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