07 December, 2012

Unexpected and good

Today was Power Vinyasa with Elizabeth Thomas.

I really wanted to make it to her class. She teaches the 4pm on Fridays. And that's it. One chance to take her class at Be Luminous. If you miss it, you wait 7 days for another chance. So it was frustrating when I found myself busy, rushed, and then somehow having not eaten lunch or breakfast as of 3:45pm. My mind was so delirious from hunger, I wasn't even thinking clearly about the hunger itself, never mind being productive in my work.

"Old me" might have just gone to yoga anyway, and struggled through the class. But "new me" made the decision that it was just not a good idea. Better to eat, and then go to a later class. There were a few options for later, and I guess that would be what it would be. So I went over to Be Luminous to take the 5:30 class and, to my surprise (pleasant), Elizabeth was filling in for Scott. I enjoy Scott's class as well, so this was mostly about the feeling kind of lucky to get a class with her, after my physical schedule didn't seem to be allowing for it.

I seem to be slowly coming up from my low that I was experiencing for a few weeks.

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