03 December, 2012

Turning inward to expand outward

Today was Power Vinyasa with Michel.

Last night was the final meeting of our book group, where we have been discussing Iyengar's "Light on Life." After attending the book club, I have found myself wanting some more Michel time, so it was nice to be able to take her class today. It was especially nice to have a small group (only 12-15 people), so we did a few things that were out of the ordinary, and spent a little more easy time in the poses. Michel talked a lot about breath, which was a continuation of our discussion the night before.

At the start of class, we were to say our name, and one word that described what our state of mind was at that moment. I was not entirely sure what my state was. Pondered "tired," but opted for "here," because I was really just glad to be there, in the room, and I wasn't troubled by much else. There was nothing bubbling up in me. So that was what it was.

During our practice, she asked us to set an intention - one word, one thing - on which to focus the practice. For me, as it has often been lately, it was "ease." How to find ease in Twisted Crescent Lunge? Is it possible? Let go of the clenching of the butt muscles. Try not to have the front quadriceps so tightly engaged. Try not to allow (wrong) pain to occur, or modify when it does. Try not to strain to make the body twist. Try not to let upper body collapse onto the front thigh. All this, and don't lose the breath.

Ease is no trivial thing.

While I am on that subject, here's my pain check-in, since I haven't reported much lately.

Shoulder is not the worst it's been. I am doing an okay job of modifying around it, and have managed to mostly avoid pain, without resorting to tons of ibuprofen lately.

Wrists and palms are still kind of sore, but not the worst they have been, either. I wish I had a better idea of what makes them hurt more or less, and I don't right now. Hoping rest and time do the trick.

Right knee, which was completely better, has shown some hints of the former pain on the side of the knee, which I think may be due to trying too hard on Triangle pose. Need to be careful.

Left heel, getting better.

General arthritis of the knees, not really bothersome at this point.

Oh yeah, and the left groin continues to be scary. I am not sure what to do to protect that one from becoming worse. It has neither worsened nor improved in several months. I forget when it started. Maybe it was in August or September.

And that's that.

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