18 December, 2012

Mission Statement 2.0

The Feeble Yogi came into existence just under a year ago, as far as this blog is concerned. When I started, the goal was to document my trajectory in the practice, focusing on "The Yoga Class" as the template, vehicle, and yardstick for personal growth. Each entry was intended to describe something about each of the following:
  1. The physical experience in the practice on that day/time-frame
  2. The mental/spiritual/emotional experience in the practice in that class
  3. The relationship between on-the-mat and life off-the-mat
My purpose was to document the growth, and to also explore what might arise. Along the way, I shared a lot of the nuggets of wonderfulness that my teachers have passed on to me.

There has certainly been a lot of growth, and I have had the fantastic opportunity to experience many different teachers, and a handful of different styles of yoga, in places near and far. 

Of late, I've found myself having greater and greater difficulty sticking to this "practice" of writing to that mission on a daily basis. It's now become a repeated falling behind, and catching up, which is leading to guilt, anxiety, and a sense of burden, none of which were ever the intention of having a yoga blog in the first place. There were two utmost goals (okay, maybe three) all along (here comes another list):
  1. Commit to my practice fully
  2. Engage in a writing project that brings about self-exploration
  3. Hopefully share and entertain some people in the process
The third one on that list is actually a bigger deal than you'd think, as writing (and sharing) are a big part of who I am. For the longest time, I had been posting in another blog. When that stagnated over a long period of time, I saw this yoga blog as a good way of kick-starting the writing. And it worked. But here we are again, at a "plateau," so to speak.

I should note that today I took class with Elizabeth McElveen, an amazing teacher who has really brought me into a new focus and passion, in an entirely different light than I had ever imagined before. She was actually talking about plateaus in our practice. There will be periods of time where our practices are growing and changing rapidly, she said. And then, there will be periods of time where nothing is changing. And that it's easy to get discouraged, or lose focus, when these times occur. Sometimes you have to do something different when you hit these times, to get yourself out of a rut. But sometimes, you just have to keep going. I'm gathering, from the lessons I have learned from my teachers, and from some of the reading that I've done, that "Intelligence" is knowing when to stick with it, versus when to make a change. And at this 1-year time-point, it feels like a good spot to redefine the mission.

So here it is, subject to further evolution:

The purpose of this blog going forward will be, first and foremost, to document the thoughts and experiences I have "off the mat," each day (or nearly so), in light of my ongoing practice. These may be internal struggles, challenges at work, or in relationship, hopes, dreams, the world, anything. When relevant, I will share what I am learning in class, as it relates to my mindset for the day. 

As such, "tagging" of blog entries will take on a new meaning now. Rather than tagging according to "Who was the teacher today? Where was the class? What style of yoga did I do?" (I will likely not even mention these, unless it relates to what I am writing about), my tags will be topic-related. Once again, the goal is to rekindle this blog as a vehicle for my own growth, and something to which I will enthusiastically commit, rather than carry forward out of obligation.

I thought about holding myself to "catching up" on the however-many entries I had missed, so that I'd be entirely up-to-date before moving to Mission 2.0. But that seems like just about the most "opposite of yoga" approach, full of "shoulds" and serving ultimately nothing but some self-flagellating figment of my ego.

So here we go.

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