11 December, 2012

Improvising as a way of life

Today was gentle yoga with Elizabeth McElveen.

I bought some new headphones a few weeks ago because my old ones had broken. I spent more money than the last time but not as much as I did on my favorite earbuds, which had gradually disintegrated over years of use. The new ones didn't fit right. They sort of slip out, and then there's no bass response. That's the thing about earbuds: fit is critical. So I had been lamenting the fact that I spent X amount of money and didn't have what I wanted. And then something occurred to me. I had always been really happy with the way that my "expensive" earbuds fit me. And they had really good bass response. I wonder if I could take the little rubber buds from those and fit them onto the shafts of my new ones? And sure enough, they fit, and they sound perfect.

How does this have to do with yoga?

A few weeks ago in Elizabeth's class, she had told us to experiment in our practice and in our lives. Try different things until you see what works. And it doesn't need to be conventional or cookie cutter. It can be a completely outside the box approach. And this mindset, I think, helped me to experiment rather than to simply give up or complain. And I found a solution that works.

Surely this will apply in far more important areas of life than earbuds.

But it's a good start.

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