25 November, 2012

The opposite of everything

Today was Gentle Yoga with Elizabeth McElveen.

As always, Elizabeth came to class with a lot of interesting thoughts to share. She was talking about how thoughts that are "outside of this moment," regardless of whether they are happy or unhappy thoughts, create stress in our body. That was an interesting idea. She talked about how the pain that we experienced years ago, that seems to have disappeared, may come back from time to time, and that maybe we're really just on a cycle, where things come around in a big circle. Maybe we aren't even going anywhere, in reality. And then, it doesn't really matter, because maybe it's just all about doing the practice. Something like that.

And then she said that yoga is the opposite of everything, which I kind of liked. She didn't elaborate too much on it, but I don't think she really needs to. It's obvious what she's saying. We're constantly doing things in our lives that tighten our bodies, create stress. We're always making lists, planning, and trying to hold on to the memories of everything important to us. Yoga is teaching us to not do that, for even a little while. The opposite of everything.

Without a whole lot to explain it, I would have to say that the pain in my body has been subsiding the past several days. Not really sure why. There's been a little bit of ibuprofen involved, but not enough to say that I am dealing with inflammation. There's also been a little bit of rest involved, Wednesday and Saturday, but I've been on that schedule for several weeks now.

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