22 November, 2012

Thanks, but no thanks

Today was Power Vinyasa with Julie Andres at Live Live Flow.

Yep. A new studio! Fun times. I'd been meaning to try it out since it is so close to my house. And the thanksgiving plans made this a good day for firsts. Whereas my other studios were sporting only 2 hour classes, LLF had a 75 minute which seemed like a better idea for my body and my turkey.

The class was crowded but not overly so. Julie was a great teacher with lots of positive and uplifting energy. She is just coming back from traveling so I think this was her first class in some time. The studio was bright and airy with a cool black ceiling that is nice to stare at during savasana.

Class was tough but I suspect that was more a function of my general difficulty with morning classes.

At one point during class, Julie asked us all to yell out something we were thankful for. I struggled with that instruction and remained quiet, having a hard time even conjuring the thing I would say if I were to have done it. Though it is not because I am ungrateful.

I look forward to another class at LLF. Seems like it could be a good Saturday spot?

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