04 November, 2012

My hand puppet duck has a sore throat

Today was Gentle yoga with Elizabeth McElveen.

I knew that gentle was the right plan for today. But I am surprised that, even in a class where we only did like five Chaturanga, I still experienced pain even with modification. The pain I had in my shoulder has led to an even more acute pain in my wrist upon flexion in either direction. I've tried using my fists instead of palms down and that helps a little but also increases the intensity of the weight bearing sensation. I guess my body is saying I should modify further.

I invited a friend to class today, who is recovering from an injury. It was really important to me that she have a good experience. It felt like this was the right class for her. And it seemed to go very well.

I found it relatively easy to get into a calm state at the beginning of class.

I don't really have much else to say today.

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