02 November, 2012

It's harder when it's your own journey

Today... well... Monday... was Hatha with Patrick.

It was easier to write these entries during that time where I felt like I was writing for an audience. It was not the original purpose of the blog. Though maybe I am kidding myself. But there came a point where I became obsessed with getting a readership. And I did. But that sort of crested and waned, to mix metaphors.

So here I am. Back to just me again, give or take. And the journey of exploration is back to the personal one. And I find myself not wanting to write here.

That's interpretation #1.

The other interpretation, the more likely one, is that I am closing off, in terms of my willingness to share this. There's a lot more evidence for that. But I don't really want to pursue that line of thinking.

For the first time in over a week, I felt strong in class, and not much hurt. It may be the rest I has the last few days, with Friday and Sunday off. That, and the fact there were no Plank poses.

I need to find a way to keep Hatha in the mix.

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