23 November, 2012

Draw outside the lines

Today was Power Vinyasa with Liz Doyle.

Again, we colored mostly outside the lines. Sun A? What's that? Sun B? Who could be bothered with that?

Liz talked about a lot of things that reminded me of the reading we have been doing in the Iyengar book. In particular, she brought up Samskara, which are patterns of behavior or thought that we get stuck in. The metaphor Iyengar uses involves sand bars forming on the bottom of a lake, disrupting or exaggerating disruptions at the surface. It was nice having read about this so it felt familiar.

Her class is tough.

But interestingly, while the novelty makes it tough, the novelty is also a kind of break for the body from the regular Baptiste routine. Doing the same series again and again can be a kind of Samskara of its own if one is not careful. Though the reason for this is our tendency not to stay purely in the moment, but bringing memories of past classes and expectation of what is to come. I suppose that is "The Practice" but it is nice to really shake things up sometimes.


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