08 November, 2012

Darker and the same

Today was gentle yoga with Jessica Willis.

Still I am trying to do as much gentle as possible. Now I am shooting for three a week if I can. It's a big change in focus because it means I am accepting that yoga isn't all about the big cardio workout. It's more about what it is doing for me on the inside. That means I should probably start thinking about other ways to remain fit, particularly diet. I have been eating a bit worse and worse. It has been under the guise that I can eat whatever I want when burning so many calories. But that is a slippery slope of thinking. I see myself eating fattier, sweeter food and craving it. And caffeine increasing. Jessica is doing a special 40 day program involving meditation and healthier living. I am curious if I can do it. Not so much the grueling bodily challenge of the 108 days. But a different challenge. One that feels less about ego and more about inner health. Must read about it.

Today was gentle but not simple. The flow still was pretty deep and complete bit it spared the places I am sorest: the wrists and the shoulder (which is already getting better).

The writing is still not coming easily but I tell myself that really sticking with this will take me somewhere. So I am doing it for that reason now.

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