20 October, 2012

Those Saturday mornings

Today was Power Vinyasa, 90 minutes, with Nicole.

I always thought that it was Odessa who was my Saturday morning nemesis, wringing me out like a sponge in those 90 minute classes. But I am now quite certain that it's the 90 minute Saturday morning classes (particularly when they follow a Friday evening, resulting in less than 24 hours rest). Nicole's class was a very standard Journey Into Power flow, and she was certainly not overly brutal on the class. But I walked out, crawled out, sopping wet, with my towel dripping so much that it was like a stream. One of those embarrassing situations, where I feel like I need to apologize to everyone who sees me, because of the disgusting wake of sweat that I am leaving behind.

What to do about those Saturday mornings... Do I just avoid that time slot and opt for an afternoon? Do I power through it, and try to break myself of the aversion? Is my body just telling me "No go?"

Maybe the trick is to recognize that this time slot requires a different request from my body? To show up asking for less, until I find that spot where the practice is not "profuse."

When reading Iyengar, he was talking about "right" pain versus "wrong" pain, and I think that there might be a lesson to be learned here. He also talks about effort and intensity being enough, but not too much. I find myself dipping deep into "heaviness" in a lot of classes. I ask the same of myself every time. Interestingly, I think I tend to expect the same from others all the time. And as I see in my body, that expectation is fantasy. We aren't the same every time, and if we expect the same, we will repeatedly encounter conflict.

So I guess it's not "no go" but "slow go."

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