06 October, 2012

The switch-a-roo continues

Michel, not Carley
Long holds... Intense class indeed
Muscles hurt today

Well, I left myself to write three days of blogs, and haiku seemed to be a cheap way of getting through it. The highlight of this week has actually been vertigo. In Tuesday's class, I started to experience it. And it has progressed from there. It went so far as me falling over onto my neighbor's mat during Cassandra's class the other day. Fortunately my neighbor was no stranger. It happens when I rotate my head. Especially to the left. I think it's likely an inner ear infection. But I am not a doctor.

The interesting thing is that I have evolved over the past 4 days to the point where I can now anticipate the spin and not lose my balance. But it's not right.

The last few days had lots of surprises. Teachers filling in for other teachers. Me taking classes other than the ones I planned. The whole week was pretty much the unexpected. And it doesn't really matter. It's my body. My practice. I welcome it.

Bring on the unexpected.

But please make it the "good unexpected" not the "bad unexpected."

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