27 October, 2012

My own private Salvation Army

Today was Power Vinyasa with Carley.

I'm tired today. Actually, class was yesterday, but I say today anyway, because I didn't write yesterday and I didn't take class today. I was trying to remember, at the end of class, what part of class felt the best. And I realized that it was Savasana. It was, in fact, the only part of class that felt great. My body is resisting it again. It was such a good class. The class itself. But my body's experience of it was just fatigue and heaviness.

It was a crowded class. It was humid. I should have plenty to say about it, because Carley was in her typical amazing fashion of saying just the right things. But I am having a hard time making myself write. Why the wall? I don't know. I can hardly scrape these words out of me, even though it's taking more effort to complain about having to write than it would to just write what there was to say.

Okay, so we see how this is just like yoga.

Sorry, Carley. Your class deserves a better blog entry than this.

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