02 October, 2012

More unexpected

Today was supposed to be Power Vinyasa with Jen, but it ended up being with Farzeen, who is not even an instructor at Be Luminous.

There was a case of miscommunication, apparently, regarding schedule. The result was that we were laying on the floor in the studio, quietly waiting for Jen to arrive, as time passed. It was noon. Then five past. Then ten past. At that point, the front desk attendant poked their head in the room and motioned to someone in the class to come out in the hallway. Next thing we know, she (Farzeen) is back in the room, and tells us that she's going to be teaching today. She also informs us that it is going to be a very intense class, presumably because we now have only 50 minutes to do an hour of yoga.

It was definitely true that it was a difficult class.

During class, I had no idea if the instructor was a regular teacher at Be Luminous or not, since she hadn't been introduced to us. I am not sure if she's ever taught a class before, though it was clear that she's had a lot of teacher training, because she knew all the right instructions, and had a comfortable teaching style. I am guessing she probably teaches at another studio (though I can't find her on Google search, other than it appears she might have reviewed some studios on Yelp!).

I continue to be tired physically. It was interesting having unexpected changes in class. But my shoulders don't care about surprises. And gravity doesn't ever take a holiday.

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