18 October, 2012

Finally Carley

Today was Power Vinyasa with Carley.

After two full-on missed attempts at taking her class (once due to a scheduling mix-up, and once due to her being out sick), along with other misses where my schedule didn't permit, I finally managed to get back in for a Carley class, after what seems like at least a month.

I only wish my body were being more compliant right now!

Yesterday was a day off, resulting from what can only be described as amazing things that were going on in my muscles as a result of the so-called "Gentle Yoga" class I took on Tuesday. I felt soreness through deltoids, lats, obliques, glutes, and outer hips that I'd never experienced before from a yoga class. It felt more like I had done some sort of weightlifting workout, and I wasn't even really sure if I would be able to do yoga at all, given what a challenge it was just to walk up and down a flight of stairs!

I don't recall much about the class, other than the heaviness seemed to be really coming on that day. By the end of the week, after this class, I was starting to feel like I might be getting sick. And perhaps I had not slept well.

It's a bit frustrating, if one allows it to be, the idea of not being able to fully enjoy a teacher that one really enjoys, because of lack of cooperation of the body. Every day is what it is. I think it was either Nicole or Michel who quoted Baron Baptiste this week, saying "Wherever you go, there you are." Of course, that saying has been around for a long time. I think I first heard it 15 years ago, and it had been around then, too. It can be applied in many contexts. With respect to our favorite classes, favorite teachers, favorite poses, etcetera (and the converse), it helps to recognize that it all comes down to where our bodies are on any given day. Coming to the mat without expectation means to arrive ready and open to whatever is. Carley's class is not always going to be wonderful dreamy utopia for me, because my body is not always going to be in tune with that channel. Practice is accepting that. I am still happy, and grateful to practice in her class. I have a little bit of work to do when it comes to being happy and grateful with my body right now, though. That's a work in progress.

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