08 October, 2012


Today was 90 minutes of Power Vinyasa with Michel.

I took a day off Sunday. What gives? I was dragging, and it was exacerbated by a crowded class, bringing humidity into realms I hadn't seen before at Be Luminous. It wasn't even that hot, honestly. But I felt weak, tired, and the shoulder was hurting again (consistent with not getting enough sleep). I could feel the heaviness in the room. I think it was tough for everyone, and we were granted a "break" under the guise of some coaching about proper form during Chaturanga. Much needed, but it didn't serve to reset me, only perhaps delayed me from disintegration (good word, here, in both it's literal and syntactic definition). By the 60 minute mark, I was truly "dis-integrating" though I did manage, for the most part to come back to breath, when things got to be too much.

There came a point where I felt like I was "all done" when we got to Camel pose, and I found myself experiencing dizziness, lightheadedness, and nausea. I decided maybe today was not a "Camel day" for me. Then, it lingered onward, with me deciding I didn't want to do supine twists either. You know when you skip supine twist that it's because your mind has given up, rather than your body. But truthfully, my body was saying "Savasana." And I didn't want to argue with it on principle alone.

The last few days, I have been feeling like I need yoga, but that I am not getting to spend the time in the poses my body actually needs. I want to spend forever in Forward Fold. I want to spend forever in Low Lunge. I want to spend forever in Reclined Butterfly. Twisted Chair? Not so much. Low Plank? Not at all.

Tomorrow's another day...

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