27 September, 2012

The show is over...

My yoga retreat ended.

Along with that, I decided to take a real Savasana from yoga, altogether, in the amount of 5 days off. That was undoubtedly the longest break I have taken, possibly in an entire year since I started doing yoga, though I'd need to check to verify that. I went on a couple of long walks during that break, and recovered from the jet lag. 

Having finished my 108 days, and taken the day off at the start of the retreat, it became no longer a "huge issue" to give myself a real rest. So I did. I didn't feel compelled to do yoga, and it was actually nice to not feel compelled. But now, I am back, and I finding it a little difficult to do yoga again "in the real world." I got spoiled by the pristine peaceful environment of Umbria, which my fabulous teacher, and nothing to worry about except relaxation, eating, and practice. Now, every class is "not Sue Jones," and the element of non-tranquility feels exaggerated. The street noise, outside Urban Yoga Spa. The music that I had become used to not hearing. I am needing to readjust back to what things were, but with my new thoughts and feelings about "What Yoga Is."

It's all part of the practice. And I should have expected that, along with life-changing experiences, would come a bit of longing and regret.

I am also finding it difficult to make myself write these blogs, as is evidenced by my being three days behind here. But part of my own practice and journey is to keep going, and write my way through the rough and tedious spots. 

So here I am.

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