25 September, 2012

Running right into the propeller

Today was Hour of (Intense) Power with Tina.

There was nothing gentle about this class for me. After the week of deliberate, paced yoga, with such focus on turning inward, and restorative time, Tina came at us like a freight train, and I found it really difficult to keep on it. I pretty much did, so I guess I am just complaining. But it was a mental fight, with mini-battles over the experience I was having, and frustrations that I thought I had outgrown about "Why does it seem to be so much easier for everyone else in here than it is for me?"

Class was Level 1 & 2 which, I assume, means that when she calls out "Warrior IV" nobody should be surprised. I still don't know what it is, because everyone in the class was doing something different. And I suspect that, when I finally get around to Googling it, I will not be able to do the actual pose.

Regardless of Be Luminous being a less hot, less humid studio than Urban Yoga Spa, everything feels more hot and more humid to me, after my week of room temperature yoga.

I guess I was more acclimated to the heat, prior to my trip, than I thought.

The dehydration is hitting me again. Dry eyes. Headache at night, and difficulty sleeping. Foot cramps.

It's an adjustment, for sure.

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